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Jesus-centered and gospel-focused, the Ekklesia Podcast asks honest questions about the modern institutional church and what 2,000 years of religious/church tradition has given us. Are the churches we build a true expression of the one Jesus is building? My name is Mike Adams and I am a former pastor in institutional church settings and host and producer of The Ekklesia Podcast.

Join me in this journey from Church back to Ekklesia.

Apr 5, 2018

Welcome to episode 12 of The Ekklesia Podcast. The Apostle Paul told Timothy to "preach the word". Tradition has convinced us over the years that what Paul meant was for Timothy to be active in doing expository, verse-by-verse teaching of Scripture from cover-to-cover and when he's finished, to start over. This is the practice of many if not most of our religious institutions, whether they be Bible Colleges, Seminaries, or traditional church settings. It's how I was trained early on and it's what I believed to be correct for many years.

But is that what Paul meant? Would top-down, authoritative verse-by-verse exposition of the Bible from one person up front behind a podium even fit the model given us in the New Testament Ekklesia? On it's best day, that interpretation seems forced. That view is partly based on the assumption that Timothy was a pastor and that the letters of first and second Timothy, along with Titus were pastoral letters, written to pastors and serve as manuals for us on how to "do church." I believe that view is incorrect and that it has tainted our interpretation of Paul's words to Timothy to "preach the word." Let's talk about it.

Also in this episode, I announce the new web site for this podcast: I'm excited to have this domain name because it's going to simplify every aspect of this podcast for me and I'm all about simple.