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Jesus-centered and gospel-focused, the Ekklesia Podcast asks honest questions about the modern institutional church and what 2,000 years of religious/church tradition has given us. Are the churches we build a true expression of the one Jesus is building? My name is Mike Adams and I am a former pastor in institutional church settings and host and producer of The Ekklesia Podcast.

Join me in this journey from Church back to Ekklesia.

Jun 10, 2017

Welcome to the Ekklesia Podcast! I'm labeling these first few episodes UnSunday because they are the episodes I started on my UnSunday Podcast and have since moved them here. Ekklesia more accurately describes this podcast, so I will be closing the UnSunday Podcast soon. All the Unsunday episodes are here and labeled UnSunday in the title.

In this episode, I introduce the podcast and talk about some of the subjects I want to cover in future episodes. I chose the name Ekklesia because I think it accurately describes my own journey out of the institutional church and into a more authentic reality that enables me to be more genuine about who I am. As a former pastor in the institutional church setting, I had to wear a lot of masks to cover up who I really was and what I really thought. As I mention in this episode, I love Christ's assembly, but I question whether many of the practices in the modern institutional church setting are what Jesus had in mind and whether today's institutional church is an accurate reflection of what the Ekklesia should be. 

Ekklesia (pronounced ek-lay-SEE-ah) is a transliteration of the Greek word used in the New Testament that is most commonly translated "church" in most of our English Bibles. The word "church" comes from an old English wording meaning "a lord's house" and is a poor translation of ekklesia. Far from referring to a location or an institutional setting, ekklesia refers to a community of people living life together with Jesus alone as the head. We will no doubt, flesh this out more as future episodes unfold.

Join me on this journey as we engage in this much needed ongoing conversation. I mention my other podcast in this episode. You can find it here:

The Grace Cafe Podcast